Understanding Market, Social and Legal Aspects of Sustainability


What is Normal?

"Faster, faster!" I yelled to the motorcycle driver.  "Don't stop for that guy.  Just go!"  We slipped between the partially closed gate and past the guard without stopping.  Can you get in trouble for breaking into a country you "officially" never left?


I returned to the orphanage after four days on the road.  When I got there, there wasn't any electricity, as is usually the case throughout Haiti, but what I really wanted was just a shower. However, there wasn't any water because the tank up on the roof was empty and the orphanage had run out of gas to run their generator to pump more water from the well.

The Cover of Darkness

A while back I had to abandon my plans to go to Kokoye beach because I needed to get to a doctor.  Now, I am setting out to complete that mission.