Thinking About Less and Less

Robert Hunter wrote in the song Althea… “Thinking a lot about less and less and forgetting the love we bring.”  This ties into an article I posted recently The happiness ruse.  Everybody seems to be collecting of commercial goods and instagrammable experiences in order to find happiness, but these only provide temporary gratification.  Even the pursuit of love is also the pursuit of something that can fluctuate if the love we seek is intended to fill a perceived void in our lives.  But we don’t have to pursue happiness.  It is inherent within us.  Its just that this truth of who we are gets obscured when our pursuit of measurable and definable happy experiences becomes so important that we feel let down if we fall short.  Rather, if we understand that everything that we can experience with our senses right now is life.  And life is the ultimate divine gift.  Don’t let our attention become too consumed with judging what we are experiencing through our senses, but rather just be grateful that we exist.  When we do this, life reveals itself in even more amazing ways that we could never have dreamt.  But be careful not to grasp at these random gifts, they are also meant to pass as well.   Or as Robert Hunter wrote… “Once in a while we get shown the light, in the strangest of places if we look at it right.” So, let life unveil itself to us the way it chooses.  We can still pursue goals, but don’t let this block out our attention to the bigger more important unfoldings that are occurring all around us and inside of us.  Life is ultimately out of our control.  I don’t know anybody that can control life.  We can; however, control our attention though.  But as the media consumes more and more of our attention, we actually end up thinking a lot about less and less and forgetting the love we bring.

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